Petal and Pup: The Bloom of Fashion

Rising From the Living Room 

Starting small but dreaming big is the ethos that has defined the Petal and Pup brand. A simple idea born in Tiffany Scarff’s living room in Australia took root and blossomed into an international sensation. Today, Petal and Pup have woven its threads into the wardrobes of fashionistas across 80 countries.

Origin and Evolution 

The humble beginnings of Petal and Pup trace back to Tiffany Scarf’s and her father’s collaborative efforts. Operating initially from their home and later through Shopify Plus, the brand has experienced a tremendous 400% Year-on-Year growth. The team, once consisting solely of close family, now boasts 28 employees, contributing to the company’s ever-expanding global reach.

The heart of Petal and Pup lies in its fashionable offerings. With over 1000 unique styles, they ensure their collection stays fresh, adding 80 new arrivals weekly. Petal and Pup is the go-to destination for those looking for chic, affordable, and Instagram-worthy outfits.

Challenges: Growth Pains 

The growth trajectory had its challenges. With Tiffany investing up to 18 hours daily, the brand’s success resulted from hard work and dedication. The tight-knit family structure, with roles designated to close relatives, faced managing orders from across the globe.

2016 marked a transformative year for the brand. Orders started pouring in from various countries, necessitating scaling efforts. As the brand grew, so did the competition, making the fashion industry a challenging playing field. High traffic volumes, retaining customer interest, and combating high abandonment rates became significant challenges. Yet, as Julian Henry highlighted, their partnership with Shopify Plus played a pivotal role in navigating these challenges.

Strategies: A Touch of Genius 

Shopify Plus and Yieldify combined are indispensable for Petal and Pup. Shopify Plus allowed them to upscale operations, from staff account management to eCommerce automation. With Yieldify’s insights, Petal and Pup could undertake personalized lead capture experiences, optimize website browsing experiences, and leverage targeted social proof experiences. These strategies played a crucial role in enhancing user engagement, improving sales, and ensuring visitors transitioned into loyal customers.

A Fashion Haven 

Petal and Pup’s collection resonates with every fashion lover. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect casual wear, tailored street outfit, or accessories to complement your style, their platform has it all. Their ‘New’ category keeps fashion fans updated with the latest trends.

For budget-conscious shoppers, the ‘Sale’ category offers a diverse range of products catering to various price points. Moreover, signing up for their email list grants access to exclusive discount codes, allowing shoppers to snag their favourite pieces at discounted rates.

Concluding Thoughts 

Petal and Pup’s journey from a living room start-up to an international fashion powerhouse is a testament to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their tale is an inspiring narrative for budding entrepreneurs and established businesses. The brand stands as a beacon, illustrating that with passion, dedication, and the right strategies, the world truly is your oyster. If you still need to, it might be time to add a piece from Petal and Pup to your wardrobe and be a part of this global fashion story.


What are Petal and Pup? 

Petal and Pup is an Australia-based fashion brand that has grown to cater to an international audience. Founded by Tiffany Scarff, it began as a home-based operation and has expanded to ship its products to over 80 countries. They offer a variety of women’s fashion apparel, including dresses, playsuits, and more.

Where are Petal and Pup based? 

The company is headquartered in PO Box 80, Clayfield, Queensland, Australia. Though it started as a small home operation, it is now a prominent online shopping destination for women’s fashion.

Who founded Petal and Pup? 

Tiffany Scarf and her father co-founded Petal and Pup. As the company grew, it expanded its team to include 28 employees and has since witnessed a remarkable 400% Year-on-Year growth.

How often do they release new products? 

Petal and Pup pride themselves on offering fresh and trendy outfits. They add 80 new styles weekly, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving collection.

What challenges did Petal and Pup face in their journey? 

Like many businesses, Petal and Pup faced challenges during its growth phase. With a family-based operation, managing the sudden influx of international orders became a task. The brand also had to navigate the highly competitive nature of the fashion industry, characterized by high traffic volumes, retaining customer interest, and managing high abandonment rates.

How did Petal and Pup manage their growth? 

The brand tapped into the capabilities of platforms like Shopify Plus to manage its rapid growth. By leveraging technological solutions and partnerships, they efficiently handled customer orders, optimized user experiences, and improved sales.

Do they offer discounts? 

Petal and Pup have a ‘Sale’ category where shoppers can find products at various discounted rates. Customers can access exclusive discount codes by signing up for their email list.

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