Dive into Smyths: Warrington’s Toy Wonderland!

A New Home for Toys in Warrington

Ever since the closure of Toys R Us in Warrington, families have felt a toy-shaped void in their shopping adventures. But fret not, Warrington toy enthusiasts! A new player has entered the arena, and its name is Smyths. Nestled comfortably in the JunctionNINE retail park on Winwick Road, Smyths is all set to wow children and adults alike with a treasure trove of toys.

What makes this even more exciting is that the toy retailer has committed to a 10-year lease for a sprawling 14,500 sq ft unit. Interestingly, this expansive space was once occupied by Halfords. Now, the aisles that once showcased automotive accessories will be filled with giggles, joy, and the magic of toys.

The Buzz Around Smyths’ Opening

Ahead of its public opening, Dave Gillespie, a revered photographer from Warrington Guardian, was granted exclusive access for a sneak peek. The images he captured showcase an exciting array of toys, games, and entertainment products, promising a fun-filled experience for all its visitors.

For many Warrington residents, the opening of Smyths in their vicinity is a massive relief. Earlier, the closest Smyths store was located in St Helens, which meant additional travel for a toy-shopping spree. Now, it’s right in their backyard!

More than Just a Toy Store

JunctionNINE retail park, where Smyths has set up shop, is a bustling hub of activity. The arrival of Smyths elevates the total number of tenants to 19. Shoppers can relish a day out with a range of stores and eateries. Fancy a peri-peri chicken after toy shopping? Nando’s is right there! Need some home essentials? Dunelm and Home Bargains have got you covered. Tech enthusiasts can dive into Currys/PC World, while coffee lovers can solace in Starbucks. Truly, Smyths adds another feather to JunctionNINE’s already impressive cap.

Win with Smyths!

We have some exhilarating news for you as part of the grand opening celebrations. In collaboration with Smyths, we’re presenting one fortunate individual with a chance to grab a £250 gift card! Think about all the toys and games you could get with that.


Where is the new Smyths toy store located in Warrington?

The new Smyths toy store is home at the JunctionNINE retail park on Winwick Road in Warrington.

What was the previous store occupying the Smyths unit at JunctionNINE?

Before Smyths took over, the 14,500 sq ft unit was previously occupied by Halfords.

How long is Smyths’ lease for their Warrington location?

Smyths has confidently signed a 10-year lease for their spacious store at the JunctionNINE retail park.

Why is the opening of Smyths significant for Warrington families?

With the closure of Toys R Us in Warrington, families faced a gap in their toy shopping options. Smyths fills this gap, offering many toys, games, and more.

Was there another Smyths store close to Warrington before this opening?

Before the Warrington store opened, the nearest Smyths store for residents was in St Helens.

How many tenants are there now at JunctionNINE retail park?

With Smyths joining the line-up, JunctionNINE retail park boasts 19 tenants, including other significant brands and eateries.

What other brands can shoppers explore at JunctionNINE retail park?

Apart from Smyths, shoppers can visit many stores like Nando’s, Dunelm, Dreams, Hobbycraft, Mothercare, TUI, Home Bargains, Currys/PC World, KFC, and Starbucks.

Is there any promotional event or offer linked with Smyths’ grand opening?

Absolutely! In collaboration with Smyths, there’s an exciting chance to win a £250 gift card to spend in-store. Participants need to answer a simple question about the store’s location.

Can shoppers expect other such promotions or events in the future at Smyths?

While specific details of future promotions are yet to be revealed, Smyths is known for its customer-engaging events and offers. It’s always good to keep an eye out!

Does the Smyths store in Warrington cater to both children and adults?

While Smyths is predominantly a toy store, they offer a diverse range of products catering to children’s and adults’ interests.

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